Password Book
Password Book

Password Book

An all encompassing logbook to keep you passwords organized.

How many passwords can you possibly remember? Most can not remember all of them, especially when different website have different requirements to what is considered an acceptable password. Now you will be able to or every new website you sign up to, by using this nifty password book. Say goodbye to random papers scattered around and hello to privacy and organization.

Why choose this password book amongst all the others? Here are some unique features.

Printed Alphabetical Tabs

A – Z is beautifully laid out with clear printed tabs. Each letter section has at 3 pages, providing you ample space to list plenty of sites.

Large Print

Even though the book is small the font size used is large and has good spacing. So you won’t have to write small.

Not just blank lines. This is a real copyrighted book, containing pleasant quotes and jokes.

For every letter tab there is a thoughtful message. Either a quote, a thoughtful statement or funny joke. Most of these writings are pertaining to current life and around password challenges. Buy it or gift it so get a whiff of the clean but funniness inside. 

Beautifully graphic designed

The author of this book is also a graphic designer, her aim for this book was not to just be a boring log book, but to be something that has literal inspiration and is aesthetically pleasing to look at while using it. That is why the alphabetical tab pages have stunning typography with creative word placement. 

Ability to log more than just passwords. Just one book needed, this has it all.

This book might even be able to save you money. How is that possible? You might ask.  Well, it has additional features that help you log not just your passwords but trials! Have you ever signed up to a lucrative free trial on a website, only to forget to cancel it before the trial is over? Yeah I know, so have millions of other people. Now there is a section dedicated just to that. The details are thoughtful, because there is a line where you can write when you signed up for the service, when the trial expires, what the offer was, and the customer service contact information. So everything can be in one place for you, to make canceling fast and easy. Hopefully saving you time and money. 

The extra features don’t just end there. This book may also save you time, by making contacting tech supports easier. Have you ever needed to call your cell phone company or internet company for tech support but their contact information is hard to find when you need it? Place it in this book along with whatever data you wish that will help you remember what information you need to have them retrieve your account. The worst is when your internet is down, and then you can’t look up the internet provider’s number? Or your cell isn’t working and you can’t look up their number? Not anymore.


We realize that you may need to write things down that aren’t just logins and passwords. Maybe you need to write down instructions or something about a rep you spoke to? This should not require the need to buy another log book, our book provides you a few blank pages for notes to jot down whatever you want.

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