Everything Farzaneh does is rooted in her core values of truth and the desire to share her gifts. Whether it’s her skill as an artist/graphic designer or writer, or Realtor* or Mom, Farzaneh knows no bounds in channeling her talents to serve others.  Schooled in Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Los Angeles, Farzaneh went on to produce exceptional work for companies such as Performance Products and 4-Wheel Drive but soon found she preferred being at the helm and opened her own design firm. Clients included Valley Scene Magazine, MAS Kids Magazine, Imam Magazine, among numerous others. 

Wanting to diversify, Farzaneh felt a calling to sell Real Estate* after experiencing first-hand, various agents who were less than reputable. She earned her Realtors license* and more than 12 years later continues to serve the housing needs of others who benefit from her expertise. In addition, her strong acumen for people’s senses, led her to opening an Airbnb, managing Airbnb’s and helping others design their short term rentals. With an eye for the comfort and style of a space, it’s no surprise her properties are appreciated by guests who leave gifts and touching notes about their experiences. Currently, Farzaneh still focuses on helping others with real estate investments and flipping houses.

Farzaneh harkens back with a laugh to her early days of entrepreneurship as a grade-schooler, when she would create art and design “fake” money for her brother to spend at her at-home “art gallery”.  A neighborhood car wash with other kids, and a successful “snack” business in High School replacing the “fake” money with real dollars became fun for Farzaneh. 

With a real taste for building successful businesses Farzaneh founded a wholesale fashion and costume jewelry business. For more than eleven years, that online business has supplied literally thousands of shops with unique and on-trend inventory. She also built Amazon, Shopify, Ebay and other stores as well.

You’d think with all these accomplishments, it would be difficult to find any time for herself, but Farzaneh makes spirituality a high priority. She is also passionate about Natural Healing, Metaphysical Phenomenons, and Homeopathy. With a deep love of people, cultures, religion, philosophy and stoicism, Farzaneh continues her devotion for life-long learning and sharing of her inspirations with others through her writings. 

*Nothing in these writings or on this website should be misconstrued as advice on Real Estate or anything else.